The Jeep was conceived and created in 1941 as an off-road buggy to help the Allies win World War II. The rugged versatile machine quickly became a soldiers best friend as it proved it could do just about anything and go just about anywhere.

Throughout the years the Jeep has kept rolling along while staying true to its heritage in both looks and real off-road ability.

Today, the Jeep is one of those rare vehicles that is instantly recognized and loved by millions of people both young and old, all across the world.

Our Jeep tribute website was built to celebrate the Jeep by sharing photos, videos, jokes, stories, history and more, with a hope that it might also remind us to never forget the heroes the Jeep once served.

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Oct 6 2014
My Videos page has two new videos showing my Jeep climbing the Flying V on the Gnarly trail at Rocktoberfest. The Jeep made the steep climb despite very slippery rocks and roots, but then flopped over on its side at the top. Thankfully minimal damage and after some winch work the Jeep was on all four tires and continued down the trail.

Sept 8 2014
The new My Videos page has a great video of my Jeep tackling the Golden Crack on the Golden Spike Trail in Moab, Utah. Thanks to an American Jeep friend for filming this.

Sept 6 2014
An all new Campers and Trailers page features information and links to various Jeep campers and trailers. These are home away from home setups that allow you to camp in luxury while "roughing" it out on the trails. The page also has a collection of random Jeep Camper photos from vintage to modern to just plain weird.

Aug 16 2014
The Jeep has endured a 7441 kilometers (4623 miles) journey through one province and six states. The destination... First Snow Mass Village in Colorado for Jeep Jamboree in the Rockies and then further west to Moab, Utah for off-roading in the desert. Not only did the Jeep survive the rugged mountain trails and scorching desert heat, it also pulled a camper trailer all the way down and back.

The Rockies were beautiful and the trails were scary but fun with tight twisting switchbacks and narrow cliff ledges to climb high on the mountain sides.

The Utah Desert was beautiful as well and the trails were endless climbs up and down the crazy steep Moab slick rock. So named for in the days of horse and wagons when the steel shod horses often slid down the rock, but off-road tires grip the sand paper like rock and will climb almost straight up.

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